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If you are interested in any of our puppies, please send us an email letting us know about yourself and what you are looking for in a puppy. Please go here for ways to contact us.

At Takari's we strive to produce puppies that will have the temperament and appearance that exemplifies what a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel should be.

All of our dogs are sold with written agreements between buyer and seller. Puppies sold as pets will be on a limited registration and will have a spay/neuter clause included. This does not mean that they are lesser quality, only that they will be sold as pets. They may have qualities that will prevent them from  being shown but are generally of equivalent quality.

Puppies sold on a full registration will be required to be shown to their Championship title.  If you are interested in breeding, consider getting your first Cavalier as a pet. Join your local Cavalier and all breed dog clubs and do everything you can to educate yourself about the standard for the breed and your own dog's strengths and weaknesses. Be sure you buy your puppy from a breeder that you are comfortable with and who you feel will make the best possible mentor for your own breeding program, should you decide to undertake breeding. Buy from someone who shows their dogs and also has titles on some of them. They know what they are doing more than someone who does not attain titles and understand the breed standard.

We have come to enjoy a very cherished reputation for wonderful pets as well as outstanding and successful show puppies. It has come to our attention through other reputable breeders that buyers are making a deposit but do not consider it to be a firm commitment and they continue shopping until they find a puppy quicker or at a lower price and then request a deposit refund.  Please note that once we accept a deposit, we consider that a puppy has been sold.  If we accept a deposit from you, you have our commitment that there will be a puppy for you unless something tragic happens to one of them.  Therefore, we consider acceptance of a deposit a firm commitment to our buyers.  It is here that we would like to notify our puppy buyers that every deposit received is non-refundable.

Be careful where you purchase your puppy. If you are not comfortable with the breeder, walk away. If they do not educate themselves by attending specialties or joining breed or all breed clubs, walk away. If they can't provide you with paperwork that shows what health tests the parents are certified for, walk away. Don't take their word for it, ask to see the certification.

Because we have been designated as a Breeder of Merit by AKC, one of the requirements that we must meet is that every puppy we produce must be registered. Therefore, we will be using the Full Litter Plus Registration process which means that we will be registering every puppy for you at the same time. Papers will be sent directly to you from AKC once all puppies are placed and all paperwork has been processed.



We have two male puppies born 11/13/2017 that are available. Mother is Riley and father is Skylar. More details when they are older.





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