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We began our search for a dog as a family companion when our 2 children were very young. Karl is an avid outdoorsman and wanted a dog who would happily accompany him on his backpacking expeditions. We researched many dogs for a long time before deciding that a Bernese Mountain Dog sounded like the perfect dog for our family. We got our first Berner in 1988 and she introduced us to the world of owning a pure bred dog. Her name was Liesl and she remains in our hearts as the ideal Bernese. She had climbed most peaks in the Adirondack Mountains of NY during her life time, including some that people on top couldn't believe a dog could have made. She loved backpacking and hiking.

We have been actively involved ever since. Tari has been a member of the BMDCA (Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America) since 1988. She is also a member of the HBMDCNY (Helderberg Bernese Mountain Dog Club of New York).  She served as president of the BMDCFL (Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Finger Lakes) for 2 years, board member for 3 years and newsletter editor for many years. In 2005 she chaired the BMDCA National Specialty held in Gettysburg, PA. To date, this is the largest National Specialty ever held for Bernese ranking as the 8th largest specialty of all AKC breeds for 2005.

We have bred many dogs who have attained their Championship titles as well as draft and obedience titles. All our dogs have their hips and elbows cleared with OFA. They have their eyes cleared by an ophthalmologist and are certified through CERF. Hearts are cleared by a cardiologist and are certified through OFA. Other testing is done on some of our dogs. All health clearances can be found on any dog's page. When we place a puppy it is with the intention of maintaining a lifelong relationship with the new owners.

There are no longer any Bernese in our kennel but feel free to enjoy some of our dogs from the past.





"Liesl" - our very first Berner


One of Presto's puppies makes the cover of the Petsmart Christmas Catalog.

 Presto is CH Takari's Say the Magic Word.